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Our HSfB community really is second to none...friendly, respectful, honest, and passionate about health and safety. Our amazing volunteer Admin / Moderator team work so hard to ensure we have a safe place to network with our peers, all with one common goal, to stop people being injured or made ill at work.


It's all about sharing best practice.



There is no such thing as a 'stupid' or 'daft' health and safety question!


We pride ourselves on giving people the respect that they deserve with whatever query they may have.  Our amazing moderator team work tirelessly to ensure just that. 


Join in, lurk around, you decide but we'd love you to be part of one of the biggest and THE friendliest out there!

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We pride ourselves on giving people the respect that they deserve with whatever query they may have. Our brilliant moderator team do a great job looking after us all.


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Downloads for Studying NEBOSH Courses


Check out the links a little further down for your free downloads specifically related to NEBOSH courses.

Construction, Diploma, Fire, General, Health & Wellbeing etc.


It's all about sharing best practice.


National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Construction Basics by Coldrop

Construction Putlog Scaffold by Alistair McNaught

Excavation by Nick Higginson of Phoenix HSC


Accident Ratio Studies by Andy Nairn

BS8800 by Andy Nairn

Case Law Cards by Andy Nairn


Case Law Ruling - 1 by Andy Nairn

Dave's Mind Maps by Dave West

Case Law Ruling - 2 by Andy Nairn

Cases Q Cards by Simon Holmes

CUSUM Charts by Andy Nairn

Diploma Unit A Revision Cards by Jyssica Murphy

NEBOSH Gen Cert Notes by Anna-Barbara Patallas

Disasters and Accidents by Mike Evans

FMEA by Andy Nairn

NGC1 Flash Cards 1 by Angela Cluley

HSG(65) by Andy Nairn

NGC1 Flash Cards 2 by Angela Cluley

NGC1 Flash Cards 3 by Angela Cluley

Health and Wellbeing Certificate

Normal Distribution by Andy Nairn

NHC1_Elements_1_to_8_Mind_Maps by Safetygal

This file contains 13 mind maps for the NEBOSH Certificate in the Management of Health and Well-being at Work

Pie Charts by Andy Nairn

Jane Riley's Revision Tools

Poisson Distribution by Andy Nairn

Revision Cards by Simon Holmes

Revision Cards by Draiggoch

Revision Cards by Simon Holmes

NEBOSH Unit D Guide by Rochelle

NEBOSH Unit D Layout by Nigel Bown