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I've added a new PowerPoint based on my own health and safety auditing experiences, you can download it below. The intention is to share some of the basics of auditing and to help with revision of NEBOSH and IOSH courses.  I've added some real world examples (including photos), the audit trails I followed, examples of what behavioural safety looks like in practice and how to apply the ABC analysis approach during and after an audit.

My current job as a Health, Safety and Radiation Advisor has given me some amazing and interesting opportunities to learn and share best practice, both internally in our heavy engineering manufacturing facilities and by visiting hundreds of our suppliers. I want to share my experiences because I think it would be wrong not to.

I've found that regardless of the industry, the basics of any positive health and safety culture are the same. I've also discovered over the past 11 1/2 years that many businesses aspiring to achieve 45001 accreditation (previously 18001) often think they are a long way off, but in reality they are closer than they think.

My articles will give you practical and meaningful advice with real world examples to help provide assurance that your health and safety management system is effective in reality and doesn't just look good on paper. They will also help identify areas of improvement. By the way, is it 'continuous' or 'continual' improvement? There's been many a debate on that one for sure!

So, whenever I conduct an internal audit or external supplier audit, I go right back to basics. Hazard control and risk assessment…