Incident Reporting & Investigation

Incident Reporting & Investigation

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Updated 06.05.19

Pre-use Checks Toolbox Talk (.doc) by Stevie Johnno

Accident Database Trend Analysis (.xlsx) by Macca86

Accident Investigation (.ppt) by Stuart Would

Accident Reporting Investigation (including forms) (.doc) by Stuart Would

Accident Investigation Interview Technique (.pdf) by Andy Nairn

Accident Investigator Toolkit (.doc) by Adrian Woon

Accident Reporting Procedure (.ppt) by Stuart Would

Accident Reporting Questionnaire (.doc) by Stuart Would

Accident-Incident Report Form (.doc)

Hazard Reporting Form (.xls) by Lisa 

HSE Alert Template (.docx)

Incident Investigation (.xls) by H&S Newbie

Investigate Record Report (.pdf) by Andy Brazier

Near Miss Report (.doc)

The Anatomy of an Accident or Hazardous Incident (.zip) by HSfB